Services and Science

Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital offers the following Full Services

Medical-Surgical, X-Ray and Laboratory Care

We also offer Acupuncture and Alternative Care as Optional Opportunities


• Arthritis
There are an array of approaches to the treatment of arthritis which include ameliorating arthritic pain and disuse. ie: demyelination, spinal and joint arthritis, as well as the determination of the cause of the degenerative disease. The emphasis is to address quality of life in the animal.

• Cancer Alternative:
Removal of a cancerous tumor with therapies directed at changing the nature of the cancer process in the patient. At the time of consultation these issues are explained in detail at the cellular and molecular level.

• Frequency Laser Video

Laser Surgery
The procedure emphasizes reducing the cancer progress and reversing the condition where possible.

• Class IV Infra-Red Videos

• Allergies
Allergies are a common disease process which may be internal (auto-immune, environmental, and/or metabolic).

• ACL Injury Surgery Video

• Diabetes
To determine factors influencing and ways to control diabetic symptoms.

• Ear Infections
Ear infections may be chronic or acute. The condition of the ear is examined which can include cultures, local pathologies, and contributing factors with emphasis on home care.

• Hormonal Imbalances
Hormonal systems of male, female and neutered small animals can be affected by thyroid and adrenal dysfunctions. Tests are run to determine appropriate support for these systems. Correction of hormonal dysfunction is critical to correcting hormonal associated problems ranging from behavioral, skin conditions, internal problems such as auto-immune disease, and mitochondrial diseases

• Mitochondrial Diseases Video

• Ultrasound
Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool which helps define and clarify internal pathologies in the patient. This technique supports Xray and MRI diagnostics.

• Full In-House Laboratory
At Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital our laboratory capability includes cultures, skin scrapings, blood chemistry panels, EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll, MD), urinary/kidney functions, digestive efficiency (urine and fecal samples are often requested from the patient), microscopic examinations of tissue both in-house and by board certified pathologists, EKG, and blood pressure determinations.

• Alternative Medical Care
An array of alternatives are available which include: acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, to name a few.

• Holistic Procedures including Acupuncture

• Preventive Medicine Video

• Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional counseling is provided for support and normalization of the patient’s nutritional processes. There is a plethora of commercially available diets which may or may not be compatible for a give patient.

• Chronic/Geriatrics
Chronic and Geriatric conditions need to be addressed as to the cause of the specific condition as it relates to aging and/or illness. This embodies physical, mental, and SPIRITUAL

• Bioenergetic Medicine
Bioenergetic medicine is critical to understanding the nature of the patient’s function both physically and mentally.

• Fluorescent Antibody Molecular Studies
Our laboratory is equipped to study tissue and disease pathologies utilizing fluorescent antibody techniques. This guides our understanding and possible approaches to changing disease processes as they relate to cellular malfunctions such as cancer and auto-immune diseases.