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The processes of therapies utilized at our hospital include a broad spectrum of ‘medical alternatives’ and those medical and surgical ‘allopathic’ procedures you would expect to find at most Veterinary Hospitals.

The ALTERNATIVES are those forms of therapeutic assistance which fall outside of medicines and surgeries, for cases (perhaps like yours) which have either not responded to medical care, and for those clients who wish to ‘explore’ alternative possibilities. Most of our clients wishing to explore other alternatives are specifically interested in avoiding ‘iatrogenic’, drug induced, secondary medical problems. Many of our clients present to us patients who have already failed to respond to other therapies and/or are chronically afflicted with a broad range of medical problems.

We are specifically interested in helping both our clients and our patients in a manner ecologically and respectfully compatible: (1) we wish to observe obvious changes for the better, (2) we seek to meet economic realities which match ‘ability’ to pay, and (3) we want to meet criteria of therapy which is reportable in both professional and public media.

Our goal is to achieve clear improvements in QUALITY OF LIFE for both our clients (being a caretaker can be hard, demanding and frustrating) and our patients; we understand that bonding affects us all. We also wish to have open lines of communication with our clients because you, the client, provide feedback essential to sorting through ‘what works’ and ‘what does not work’ for both you and your ‘critter’.

Communication means getting to know one another and developing a confidence that we are all LISTENTING and HEARING in a respectful manner. Our Staff is specifically trained and experienced in taking patient progress reports, knowledgeable in translating the ‘medical-alternative lingo’ into terms you can understand, and so on. Sometimes I cannot get to the phone to speak to each of you, personally, so my confidence resides in our Staff, each of whom is sensitive and wants our patients to ‘get better’ just as much as you and I.

We WANT clear and concise feedback about our patient’s progress. Our rule: If a specific regimen of therapy does not work, do something different. We Want Changes (for the better)!


Dr. H. C. Gurney, Jr. DVM CNLP

Dr. Gurney was a graduate of CSU, College of Veterinary Medicine in1964. He was a Representative of the Wyoming Legislature from 1968 to 1970. He had a Large & Small Animal Veterinary Practice in Cheyenne, Wyoming from 1964-1974. He was a previous member of the board of directors of B.E.M.I. (Bio-Electro-Magnetic Institute). He has been involved in therapeutic applications of acupuncture, homeopathy, various energy-field devices (Bio-Active Light and Energy emitting sources/Rife and Tesla), dousing techniques for purposes of dealing with geopathic earth forces as well as solar flare clinical affects and influences.
Currently, he has ongoing applications of Class IV Infra-red Laser Therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy as applied to patients with chronic (neurological and immunological illnesses or conditions). He has appeared on Dog World three times, multiple local television station and newspaper interviews and was featured on the Internationally acclaimed Knowledge TV.

Notable Achievements

Korean Volunteer – United States Army
Co-inventor of Mars Lander Biological Life Detection System, Viking 1977 –
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. – 1954-1956
Battelle Institute, Columbus, Ohio
Organ Transplantation Research
Minimal Neonatal-Stress experience/Adult Stress-responsiveness as measured by the Leukocyte system (Ohio State Univ.,Columbus, Ohio)
Transplantation Immunity and Neonatal RBC Desensitization Response Research (Batelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio 1958-1960
Cancer Therapy Investigation

Professional Organizations

American Veterinary Medical Association
American Animal Hospital Association
American Holistic Veterinary Association
American Academy of Sciences
American Veterinary Acupuncture Assoc.
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
Wyoming Veterinary Medical Association